by soft idiot

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a collection of cell phone recordings n various demos


released August 29, 2016



all rights reserved


soft idiot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dorm room sock rock bedroom pop

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Track Name: lately
i won't always feel like this
and you won't always feel the way you do right now
i've been scared of losing touch
with all the things i know i think i love
cuz lately i've been pulling the teeth right out of my mouth
just to feel like i care about anything, nothing's anything

i think i need you to care
i think you're the endlessness to my dead end
on the porch you laughed a lot
i was happy just to see your face in my rearview mirror
lately i've been missing the things i thought i would not
you didn't respond to my text message i guess you forgot

we're always going in one direction
twisting tangling stretching to heaven
rose-stained bed sheets always ending
you're not leaving, you're not coming
Track Name: itch
stop talking when you wanna speak
start being what you wanna be
i know it bugs you like a constant itch
the idea that you would not be missed
loneliness can lose its charm
coping can do less good than harm
and why try to make new friends
when all those people you like
don't seem to like you in the end

at home among the corners of candy wrappers
wish for longer nights and days to go faster
you are not what you wanna be
and you're never going back, but you'll never leave
Track Name: beforing
and when i felt like running off the roof
when there's no point in living, i'm living proof
and when i felt like i wanted to die
i realize i've got nothing but my life

and when i found the beauty beneath
beforing will never let me sleep
and when i realized what had gone
bridges collapse and all left is wrong
Track Name: lottery ticket
wrap me up
in a a sheet of white
i wanna look like a ghost
i wanna look like a ghost

put me on the fridge
like a lottery ticket
i wanna feel like i'm worth

ball me up when you don't win
cuz i was worthless all along

throw me out
so i can end in a landfill
i wanna be buried like i'm dead

roll me out
of my white sheet
i am not yet a ghost
sometimes i feel like a ghost

i know that i'm not dead
but sometimes i feel like it
Track Name: freckl
i like the freckles on your face
whenever i get the chance to see
i try not to stare too long
before i know it you're gone
wish i had a girl to stay
with hair long enough to braid
your beauty makes it hard to speak
undeserving of love i am weak
Track Name: shaggy
4 pm and i haven't left my room yet
cuz there's no reason to go outside
so i will just waste time, fuck around on the internet
with a dull ache behind my eyes

across the room with brown hair (i think)
an ideal with black hair, shaggy
an idea of a place i wanna go
but it's a place i'll never be
Track Name: belly
to kiss your belly again
while we lay in bed
i've got nothing to do now
i want to eat you out

nothing is my god
worship under holy code
it loves me always
nothing says "christ" like 40s

and the light dies painfully
and i am left alone
my body is on fire
the flames stretch to the roof
and burn everything
Track Name: busted baggies
watching the colors turn from green to orange and back to gray
sit on the sidewalk making sure that i'm ok
busted baggies litter the ground where i sit
serve as reminders that nothing is permanent

it all fades away

you won't be high forever, you will have to face your problems
reality seeps in as you don't know how to solve them
and you think "there's gotta be more than this"
but right now it's just sleepless nights and crying fits

everything fades away