by soft idiot

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Dan Jeffrey
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Dan Jeffrey really solid bedroom folksy emo album, nicely produced. i come back to this every once in a while and it's nice Favorite track: on every rainy day.
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released January 4, 2016

written, performed, and recorded by justin roth



all rights reserved


soft idiot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dorm room sock rock bedroom pop

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Track Name: drunk pt. 1
i'm drunk at 1:30 am
fresh prince on the tv again
cannot deter me from
thinking about you
now the ground beneath me
moves without my feet
and above the sky seems
so incredibly far away
well time and it went
thought i knew what it meant
but it was bullshit
and now i'm hopeless
thought i figured it out
thought i wasn't like everybody else
but now i'm drunk at 1:30
and nothing means anything
Track Name: on every rainy day
don't worry about a thing
the streetlights will guide you home
just ignore the shadows on the ground
they feel like ghosts but they're nothing more

in fact they're less than that
they're just projections
of your worldly form
and they remind you you're alive

and on every rainy day
when it feels like the drops
could cave in your head
and everything is fucked

and your umbrella blew away
now your hair and shirt are soaked
but you don't care anyway
you're always gonna be cold
Track Name: half moon
do you think it's funny
sometimes i get too sad to move
not like it makes you laugh
but funny like a half moon

do you think it's strange
that i feel better with you
your clean soft body
bathed in the light of the half moon

and i swear, you glow like an angel
and the irony's not lost that i am living in hell
Track Name: joke
what is meaning
i don't know and i haven't got it
life's lines twist
like a plane with a drunk in the cockpit
all collapses
and this isn't shocking

why did i love you
something felt like less of a chasm
i thought it made me
more than a person
but gods don't exist and
we need to move on

how am i to be alone
got so used to knowing a body
familiar with a form
that no longer knows me
now i am without
and meaning won't show me
Track Name: being in love
sometimes i remember how you feel
when i lay down
finding your hairs on nearly all my things
ages quick like the ghosts they represent,
thrown from their place in passion or perversion
to instead float like wisps,
faint in the far-too-warm december wind,
and eventually settle in the same place as mine,
grasping at something similar but not the same.

i have changed and you have changed
and no number of "i'm sorry"'s will ever amount to i love you,
as becomes clear when there's nothing but sorry.
so when it comes down to whether i am more sorry or devoted,
my eyes drop like seeds which plant nothing.
and nothing grows

and nothing changes

so it was only when my eyes got more sun
that more was planted
and then things did change
and my seeds did not grow with yours.

and now i am stuck in constant change
certainly only of one thing:

i will miss you when i go
Track Name: i dreamt i meant you in a cafe but when i woke you were gone
i'm not gonna change
hold my heavy heart until i die
hanging on dead weight
latched to the rock by a tie

i'm not gonna wait
you're not gonna find it in your heart
touch of blast - taste, taint
feeble bones are burst apart

see what
is left behind
in the cold frost
i leave it there
i leave it there
Track Name: drunk pt. 2
i will go to my grave
with a Wawa hoagie
and a bag of
Albanese gummy bears

cuz i'm so sick of
being awake
i wanna go to sleep
i wanna go to sleep

and i will go through my life
with a hole in my chest
and drink whatever drips out
whatever is left