life is boring

by soft idiot

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released October 18, 2015

all music written, performed, and recorded by Justin Roth



all rights reserved


soft idiot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dorm room sock rock bedroom pop

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Track Name: hell
i feel so little right now
i almost can't remember how
you looked at me eight months ago
and it's not fair, but i guess that's how it goes

and i just hate how this feels
but for all intents and purposes, my mouth is sealed
just like my brain-
closed off with neurons shot
so how the fuck do you expect me to talk?

but it's not fair
i haven't loved you like i should have and i am sorry for that
but do you really think there's any way back
to those eight months ago?

there's a problem
and i don't know how to fix it
clearly there's a problem
and maybe i just don't care

oh what in this hell that seems to have swallowed me up is wrong with you?
i know that it's nothing at all

shit happens
but can i accept that?
maybe it's the only
way that i get out
Track Name: chlorophyll
i think i can see
the green of chlorophyll
through the snow
summer rests easy, cold
while inside my bed is warm with love
under a blanket of snow
my arms are leaves
and i wait for your sun to pull the sheets

i think i can see
a face look up
from beneath the snow
sweet no thing below
whither please, resign to me
force yourself to tell the truth
are your veins as green as mine?
does your heart beat like thyme?

i think i can see
green of chlorophyll
in your eyes
but they change with the light
Track Name: senseless senseless
senseless senseless
i call out into the dark
wall-less wall-less
this castle fell long ago

notice notice
the colors fade into night
focus focus
your eyes adjust to light

be there be there
when i need you most
crying, crying's
no use when you talk to ghosts

had a dream that i was high above it all
high enough that it hurt when i fell
looking up and you smiled without your teeth
you don't get nowhere trying to walk without feet

living living's
no different this close to death
dying dying's
sometimes the only thing that's left
Track Name: nothing to do anywhere
and the time finally came
when i loved you to death
and the ties between us now
were the noose around my neck
when saying that i love you
means even less than saying "i'm sorry"
so we just grab and hold
and try to find comfort in bodies

but comfort is fleeting
when there's nothing but body heat
between us now
and an end we can see
now the time finally comes
when we have to let it go
and rip out the roots
of something that cannot grow

said "there's nothing to do anywhere"
and you smiled without your teeth
said "you'll never go anywhere
if you walk without your feet"
Track Name: life is boring
it don't matter what i say
when you don't understand a single phrase
talk talk talk, flash your teeth
just hide whatever's underneath

love me, but only when i want you
i love you, but only when convenient

it don't matter what i write
or how late i stay up every night
or how late i wake up in the morning
sleep through life when life is boring

love me, but only when i want you
i love you, but only when convenient
love me, in spite of all my hate
when the time comes and love dies away

and i am sorry
Track Name: what do you think happens when you die?
i thought i saw you
in that pile of leaves that came through the door
but it don't matter
given the smokescreen
so i can't see
whether you are here or not
thought i heard you breathe-
and it projected over the coughs

thought i heard you speak,
but your stuttering sounds like a blur
a bodiless echo
a disembodied voice, i heard
wordless mumbling
something about a spark burned out
but it don't matter
and i don't care right now

do you know where this road takes us?
just keep driving

just keep driving