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lonli gost This is Justin's best release yet. The unique background textures and honest lyrics provide all the feels. Favorite track: golden heart.
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this album is for all of my friends who helped me through a really shitty year


released July 2, 2016

all music written and recorded by justin roth
cover art by hannah baronak



all rights reserved


soft idiot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dorm room sock rock bedroom pop

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Track Name: cigarette
tonight i smoked a cigarette
and then i smoked another
while i was thinking about you

we both know that this won't work
it really sucks and its gonna hurt
for a while
but it'll get better

thought that i would die with you
now i don't know what to do
but i'll figure it out
and you'll figure it out

life is short but we are young
there's so much that could happen
maybe i'll see you someday
Track Name: scuttlebug raising
you were confused
i was confusing
you were bruised
i was bruising

there is no easy way out

i come from the ground
you float in the air
you don't come down
i only stare

there is no easy way out
Track Name: skeletons
not tomorrow night but the next
when we are strangers out of context
and we see each other bare
after our feelings have been made clear
i will write everything down
every movement and every sound
and search my notes for something new
to explain what keeps me away from you

when i leave my room that night
and it is 20 degrees outside
i will shiver and you will too
not from the cold but from another human

when our skin is stripped away
and our skeletons remain
you will notice we are the same

we are the same
Track Name: the patron saint of mediocrity
the patron saint of mediocrity
hangs overhead
floats above me

i know i know i let myself down

the patron saint of mediocrity
hangs overhead
lives inside of me

and i know i know i let myself down
Track Name: golden heart
i didn't ask cuz i didn't know
where it comes from or where it goes
and you don't look at me in the eye
in silence what are you gonna find

a lived in golden heart
that was worn out from the start
i'm sorry that i moved in
and broke it all apart

and we can do that anymore
but every other day i'm no sure
and you don't look at me in the eye
for how long have you felt like dying?

a lived in golden heart
that was worn out from the start
i'm sorry that i moved in
and broke it all apart
but days turn into weeks and
the weeks turn into months
but nothing moves as fast as
the time spent in love
Track Name: rose
every little instance is like pulling teeth
and everything collapses like the bed in which we sleep

white noise closing in fills up the silence

you remind me of forever and youth that never got to grow
and the roses in your cheeks remain buds forever more

white noise closing in fills up the silence
as the feelings in my throat close up my sinus

there was nothing i could do
to keep it from drowning you
Track Name: ghost cop
so you've found me out
i'm an adult of nothing but doubt
do you remember going to school
with nothing to do but follow rules

i remember a swimming pool in summer
outside of my mom's house where nothing ever mattered

now i can't be alone
and i find comfort in getting stoned
i can't seem to get it right
i get so lonely sometimes i feel like dying

i remember the leaves changing colors
and driving home from school beneath orange covers
all our friends crammed into a midsize
driving up and down our streets after midnight
Track Name: ice t (lo-fi version)
when i'm alone i think about the person i'd like to be but am not yet
and it kills me how everything's static
how everything's lonely along with me

i want a connection that i will never have

this deafening silence is the perfect soundtrack to getting drunk alone in my basement
so i will listen and i will vomit when nothing is near anything i want

i want a connection that i will never have
i want separation cuz nothing will last
Track Name: over
walk slow
don't get ahead of yourself
stay away
from the things that make you feel like that

but what am i to do
when everything around
is worn and burned out
i can't get out of bed

the things you were given in love don't feel like they belong to you anymore

so what do you do?
shut everything off
leave your door open
stay in bed all day
Track Name: everything is fine
i haven't slept since early yesterday morning
and i am so tired
we're watching tv in the living room
while someone upstairs is crying
and screaming
i haven't felt like myself in weeks
and everything feels fake
like a cover
and everything is fine
the screaming is fine
the crying is fine

this house is burning down with me inside
and everything is fine